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Built for leading startups and scaleups around the world who are creating the next wave in tech. Xplore is powered by Lognetics 

XPLORE will grow to become one of the world’s “most valuable tech space”, Alongside the leading tech festival and conference in Africa and in the world at large, connecting audiences both virtually and physically

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Xplore attracting more than lots of journalists from publications around the world


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We connect exciting tech companies, dynamic speakers, and industry experts from across the world in onstage presentations, discussions, networking sessions, and dealmaking meetings, art exhibitions, generating all the buzz of a “Festival in Tech”

We aim to build valuable connections among creative in different niches, The event is a global gathering of provocative ideas, brilliance, and investment opportunities.


App Launch at Xplore

Lognetics integrates a client-centered, personalized frameworks and methodological approach to deliver a perfect digital product and experience that aligns with client’s brand identity and scalable market trends.

At every Xplore Conference, Applications and products will be launched by Lognetics and startup brands registered at the conference

Real Estate App
Food App
Fashion App
Games Hub

2022 Dynamic Xplore Speakers

Xplore 2022 will be a conglomeration of elite minds from all over the globe sharing thoughts on the future technology holds for us in our world today. The elite has one thing in common- A productive mind. At Xplore 2022 we will be hosting the best in this category from all around the globe.

Light Ihesiulo

CEO Lognetics

Taking the lead as the CEO of one of the fastest growing technological brands in Africa, one that prides her self with creating groundbreaking innovations is; LIGHT IHESIULO.

Light Ihesiulo is an innovative and strategic thinker with a rare sense of creativity and in-depth knowledge of brand design.

As a creative and innovative brand strategist, he incorporates cutting edge technology in delivering unique designs and excellent implementation of visual concepts that emphasize the digital and visual identity and needs of clients.

Having mastered over thirty design software and more, Light Ihesiulo utilizes proven methods and strategies into providing branding solutions across multiple platforms which have accounted for the success of many brands all over the world.

Consequently, his passion and unrelenting drive to create disruptive systems that transcends physical realities, incorporate virtual reality and holographic computation with laser precise technological frameworks has led him into establishing LOGNETICS ( The Futuristic Domain of Creativity) with a goal to transform and revolutionize approaches to technological and branding problems across industries.

Rex Idaminabo

CEO African Achievers Awards

Tonye Rex Idaminabo, is a 37 year-old Nigerian lawyer and serial entrepreneur, He holds a Master’s Degree in International Contracting Law from Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland. He was ranked among the leading Young promising African Entrepreneurs, by Forbes Magazine in 2015. Also Listed among the100 Most influential Young Africans in 2016.
He is the CEO of Arkflix, CEO of The Achievers Media and founder of African Achievers Awards, a set of annual awards bestowed on Africa’s most accomplished achievers in politics, diplomacy and entrepreneurship.
In 2021, 11th Edition was held at the Kensington Palace, England.
He is also the co-founder of the Young CEOs Business Forum, a platform that train and empowers young entrepreneurs across various countries around the world.
Appointed as a fellow by the Royal Society of Arts for his social impact in the United Kingdom and Africa. He has received several awards which includes the Cambridge Leadership Award which was presented to him by the Mayor of Cambridge.
In an interview he said “My inner drive is to impact the world around me, getting to know about this organisation that fosters creative minds, even supports creative development and provide the resources needed to produce results. it gives me the confidence, that I am in the right community

Liora Rosenblum

CTO, MappleLeaf Technologies

Liora R is a contributor to the education and development of Sub-Saharan Africa. Creating worldwide awareness about the continent, bridging gaps between Nature and Technology. She is the owner and Managing Director of Treemind, and Co-owner and Executive of Treemind African Experience. Having over 20 years of experience in the tech space, she is currently the Executive Director at Maple Leaf.


Creating worldwide awareness about the continent and bridging gaps between nature and Technology, She has worked as the Executive Director and CTO for several companies and is currently the Executive Director at Maple Leaf, we present to Liora R.

Wale Jana

CEO, Sapphire Group

Wale Jana is an Entrepreneur and the CEO of the Sapphire Group. His company is into the production of perfumes, wristwatches, eyeglasses, pieces of jewelry, and accessories, his company has helped define a true Made in Nigeria brand that has revolutionized the face of fashion and luxury buying in Nigeria. To further show his creativity, he recently ventured into real estate and has been able to manage all segments of his business professionally. Telling the story of how he has been able to scale up his business, he put together a book tittle Scars. He is simply a man with innovative ideas in action.


He is the CEO of the most made in Nigeria Lixury brands, the Sapphire Group, he’s a Strategic entrepreneur, and industralist, we present to you Wale Jana.

Abiodun Odunuga

Co-Founder FON

Abiodun is an international development consultant Having acquired over 10 years of experience in the field of sustainability, entrepreneurship and international development, Abiodun has developed and worked on projects with organizations such as the World Bank, European Union, United Nations , International Organization for Migration, Africa Development Bank,and The Commonwealth across Africa and Europe.

He holds a Masters in Development Practice degree from Sciences Po, Paris. He serves as the Head of Partnerships and Programs for AfricaWorks – the leading Pan-African coworking company. He is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Friends of Nigeria – a foremost diaspora organization headquartered in France that fosters socioeconomic relations between Europe and Nigeria.


Financial Consultant

DANIEL N. OBAH is a Professional Accountant, Financial Consultant, an Inspirational Speaker, A Value Reorientation Advocate in Africa and a sort after Speaker that derives Joy in impacting knowledge, Promoting value reorientation/peace in Africa. He has been advocating for Value reorientation for the past 15 years even in his university days, through the inspiration of God Almighty. He has visited 30 Schools both in Nigeria and South Africa in campaign for value reorientation advocacy. He is a graduate of Accounting (BSc) from Rivers State University, Holds Masters Degree in Business Administration and a member of various professional bodies; Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN), Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria (ICEN) and Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy London (CIPFA). He has several awards and honours, few of which are; An Ambassador of Peace from the Global Peace Foundation in 2014 (an Intern

Rachel Foko

CEO Everything Business

Rachel Foko is an experienced conference host, serial entrepreneur, risk manager with a proven record of promoting brand growth and expansion. Driven by the passion to see startups, SMEs thrive and rise to their full potential.
As a brand strategist, her goals include promoting a collaborative, trust-based, and risk-tolerant culture, driving profitability and providing a strong and sustainable performance in the tech ecosystem.
In addition to her primary job function, Rachel Foko is an ardent advocate of empowerment, while leveraging on human capital. She has gained unparalleled experience in hosting conferences with a few awards to her name.

Rachel worked for several companies including Volvo, H&M , Yesbox , Drivhuset, Hallon the telecommunications company, a customer service provider to PostNord, A account manager at Codemine media, later obtaining a certificate as a digital marketer expert.
In addition to her work experiences, she also served as a Part-Time TV-Host and Program manager. She proceeded to work as a freelancer, a program moderator and motivational speaker, grooming and inspiring her audience in business and life choices.
After working with all these above-mentioned companies, she established her companies: Eco clean Scandic and Everything Business International in Göteborg, Sweden.­

Asher Kure

CEO Chrred Ltd

Asher Kure is one of Africa’s leading educational transformative thinkers, deeply passionate about purpose driven education; he is the bestselling author of The Art of Learning (with more than 5,000 copies sold) with the Federal Government through UBEC ordering and distributing thousands of copies to 3 States, a painstaking solution driven researcher, the postulator of The Intentional Learning Theory, the creator of https://tilt.ng/ an educational technology that helps determine the causes of learning difficulty and proffers expert solutions; he is a trained and licensed teacher, an educational psychologist and a lawyer in training, a public speaker, a trainer of education stakeholders. Also the author of Essence of Education and Start Writing Like a Pro (discover secrets and hacks for writing a bestseller).

Asher Kure has worked as a study abroad consultant and in 2019, he worked on a short contract with the World Bank, Nigeria Country Office.

Lami Apejoye

Public Relations consultant

Olamide Osareimen Apejoye is a Public Relations Consultant, founder of ‘The Social Market Nigeria’, A Public Relations and Digital Marketing Company.

She is driven by the constant want to take on new challenges and explore new terrains in various walks of life. 

She dreams of a Nigeria where everyone is treated fairly and equally, where women and girls are given equal opportunities and protected, where children are prioritized, where human rights are fundamentally and basically available to every citizen of Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.  

With a work history from the National Social Investment Office, to the Office of Innovation and Partnerships, Ondo State, Olamide has expressly shown her zeal and passion for a better Nigeria and Africa via good governance.

An active voice in the push for better governance and accountable leadership in Nigeria, she has never failed to jump on a train to push for a better Nigeria through accountable leadership and responsibilities. 

Muayyat Billah

CEO, Algorismos

Muayyat Billah also known as Algorismos is a self taught Software Engineer, a Researcher and Entrepreneur in the field of Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, HealthTech and EdTech.

Muayyat Billah started as a mobile website developer in 2011 where he developed mobile website for his friends to download java mobile phone apps.

Muayyat Billah has developed several software solutions for businesses ranging from invoicing system, CRM, CMS, eCommerce, SMS and most of the software at Insolify including the main company’s platform. He has also participated in developing custom software for Enterprises across the globe.

He is actively a researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence, HealthTech, EdTech, CyberSecurity, FinTech and Entrepreneurship authoring a handful of papers, research items and articles in affiliation to notable organizations and institutions. He publishes, asks and respond to research items on Open Science, Publons and other researchers platforms.

Billah is a Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, speaker, writer and Consultant for Tech startups and establishments. His works has helped young entrepreneurs develop scalable models that grew into successful businesses.

Occasionally, he analyses failed businesses and bankruptcies to come up with reasonable factors that led to them and how upcoming Entrepreneurs can avoid such problems.

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